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Want a Great Wall tour to see the best China has to offer? With our local guides, you can take a walk on the well-restored Mutianyu section to marvel at the spectacular natural scenery and impressive watchtowers, hike off-the-beaten-path parts of Jinshanling to experience the vicissitudes of ancient Chinese history and take Instagrammable photos, or tour the Simatai section to enjoy its splendid night view. What are you waiting for? Let us customize a personalized Great Wall tour to make your vacation more memorable!

  • The Jinshanling Section in spring

    1/4 The Jinshanling Section in spring

  • The Huanghuacheng Section in summer

    2/4 The Huanghuacheng Section in summer

  • The Mutianyu Section in autumn

    3/4 The Mutianyu Section in autumn

  • The Simatai Section in winter

    4/4 The Simatai Section in winter

Recommended Great Wall Tour Packages

Here are our most popular Great Wall tour packages including other famous destinations in China. Pick a well-planned tour below, or contact us to customize a private tour around your specific needs.

  • 7-14 days
  • 2-6 days
  • 14+ days

Top FAQs for Great Wall

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When is the best time to visit the Great Wall?
Well-restored parts in good condition and equipped with convenient facilities like Mutianyu and Badaling, are suitable for travelers to visit all year round. You can appreciate the different scenery in different seasons. It is suggested to visit some parts with less maintenance, such as Simatai, Jinshanling, Jiankou, or Badaling's ruined part in spring, summer and autumn (from April to October).
Which is the best part of the Great Wall?
Mutianyu is the best part for family tours. You can easily get up and down by cable car and have a better experience with fewer crowds; Jinshanling is the most popular part to experience a hiking route because of its stunning scenery; Simatai is your only choice if you want to have a special night tour on the wall; If you are an experienced hiking enthusiast, Jiankou will never let you down.
How long does it take for walking on the wall?
Usually, it takes about 2-3 hours to climb up and have a leisurely walk. If you take one of our private Great Wall hiking tours, you will be escorted all the time and the visiting time can be adjusted to your own pace.
Is it safe for the kids and the seniors to visit?
Popular sections like Mutianyu and Badaling are not very steep, and certainly safe to travel for kids and seniors. Besides, cable cars, slides, handrails and barrier-free facilities are available in the Mutianyu section that we highly recommend.
Which section is the best for hiking?
Jinshanling is the most recommended part for hiking. Although it is not completely restored, the scenery is unique and beautiful, and it is relatively safe to hike along the wall (about 3 hours) for most travelers in good health. Jiankou is only suitable for experienced hikers as it's the most challenging and strenuous part.
What should I prepare?
It's recommended to wear strong, comfortable shoes, apply sunscreen, and take sunglasses. Prepare snacks, food, and enough water in advance, strong in case there's barely any shop around. There are many vendors selling goods at Mutianyu and Badaling, but it's better to prepare everything by yourself if you plan to visit Jinshanling, Jiankou, and other sections. 

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