About CCV

Chicago Community Ventures believes that businesses are the foundation of a community, and by helping to build sustainable businesses, we are building sustainable communities.

We are a non-profit business development organization that offers counseling and financial services to small, under-resourced companies in three target markets: women- and minority-owned enterprises and businesses operating in low and moderate income areas through the region.

We operate under a philosophy of "guidance... access... growth". Our hands-on technical assistance provides the guidance to properly access and manage capital, putting businesses on the path to growth, sustainability and success . These companies, in turn, become assets to their communities.

All of CCV's services are offered at little or no cost to our clients thanks to the generous contributions of our friends and partners. Join CCV in supporting Chicago's small businesses and communities by donating or volunteering today.



In 2007, CCV’s Chicago Minority Business Enterprise Center received a Recognition of Achievement for Overall High Performance from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority Business Development Agency.

In 2007, CCV's Market and Customer Development Training was recognized for Program Excellence by the Illinois Entrepreneurship and Small Business Growth Association. 

In 2006, CCV’s Chicago Minority Business Enterprise Center, received the National Director’s Recognition of Excellence from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority Business Development Agency.

In 2006, CCV's Chicago Minority Business Enterprise Center received the National Outstanding Performance Leader Award from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority Business Development Agency.

Why Our Work Matters

In our target markets, businesses have traditionally lacked access to capital and resources needed to grow their companies. Despite being the fastest growing segments of our economy, minority-owned firms leverage only half as much as non-minority enterprises for every dollar of owner equity and women-owned companies receive only 14% of all loan dollars dispersed through the U. S. Small Business Administration. At the same time, small businesses are the greatest source of net new employment in inner cities - comprising more than 99% of establishments and 80% of total employment.

CCV's model of balanced counseling and financial services addresses these needs by developing our clients' capacity for growth to break-down barriers to capital. To date, we have leveraged over $232.3 million in resources for our clients, helping them to expand operations, hire new employees, and ultimately, strengthen their communities.

One of many proud partners.